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Carbeion's Mission Statement

Carbeion's mission is to enable businesses to become sustainable, decrease waste, increase profits and minimize their impact on the environment.

We will achieve this by providing businesses a software technology platform to manage their sustainability business transformation. Our technology  will enable visibility, intelligence, optimization, compliance, risk management & comprehensive stakeholder engagement on environmental impact metrics like Co2e, Water & Waste within direct business operations, in the supply chain and at the end users of the products and services of our customers.

We at Carbeion will educate our employees & their families, our suppliers & customers on the value of sustainable and environmentally aware personal & business practices.  
Company Overview

Carbeion is a premier provider of Enterprise Carbon Intelligence solutions with an extensive focus on logistics, transportation, fast food &  retail industries.

With the growing concern about the possibility of adverse global climate changes, there is an urgent need for technology, best practices & business process that can enable organizations uncover intelligence on environmental parameters. This demand is driven not only by new regulatory requirements but also by the competitive advantages that can be gained by minimizing the carbon and water footprints of various operations.

The drive to reduce the environmental and social  impacts of poor energy and water management works in tandem with the initiative to control skyrocketing operational costs as well as improve competitive advantage and performance through increased  visibility, efficiency, collaboration, and innovation related to resource usage and awareness. However, for this process to succeed, automated technology is needed to eliminate human errors and to reduce costs that are inherent in manual tracking.  Carbeion also eliminates potential delays by achieving real-time tracking across geographically dispersed operations & complex organization structures.

Carbeion is lead by Thomas John as  its CEO. He is deeply passionate about helping businesses become sustainable and environmentally friendly. He brings tremendous understanding of issues related to GHG management and impact of  energy, water, waste footprint on enterprise bottom-line. Thomas is a  seasoned entrepreneur with 15 years of technology & leadership experience. He has Co-founded three companies in the last 12 years. He founded & lead ComCreation  as its CEO until its acquisition in 2007. Previously he was a member of the founding team at Accellion. Carbeion's team includes experts from industry with experience in Carbon footprint management , supply chain expertise and technologist with expertise is in SAAS, Business Intelligence & Corporate Performance Management. Carbeion's advisory board includes leadership from the business, sustainability, climate change, technology & academic world.

Carbeion is set-up as  3 divisions to address its customer needs

  • Enterprise Carbon Intelligence Products
  • GHG & sustainability Management Consulting
  • Green, Carbon awareness training & sustainability education


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