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Green Spotlight

New Product Update Carbeion has released a new software for Enterprise Green Procurement. Our  software enables tracking  & reporting to internal & external stakeholders the total "Certified Green" products by category procured by your company from your various suppliers. For eg of your total dollar spend for paper what % is certified green or what % has recycled content?

This software enables your company to provide a web interface to your suppliers to report  to you green products that your organization has purchased from the supplier. Analyze your purchases by
Certification agency 
Manufacturer & part number
National Stocking number


Do you know which are the biggest Carbon hotspots in your enterprise? Do the following carbon management pain points sound familiar?

  • Acquisition of carbon intelligence is costly and time-consuming
  • Lack of connection between environmental, operations, fleet and facilities management
  • Cost and Risk Mitigation – Rising cost of fuel & energy
  • Compliance – Emerging US EPA carbon reduction and reporting regulations
  • Brand and business opportunities – Consumer preference for low carbon products

Carbon management is not only good business & good PR  but  plays a significant role in today's emerging  regulatory environment & opportunities in Cap & Trade. Optimizing usage of Energy, Fuel, Water, Travel & Freight  also help the bottom-line directly.

Carbeion is a leader and innovator in the area of  Carbon Intelligence & Energy-Water Management software for  enterprises with multi-facility, distributed & complex operations. Apart from traditional Enterprise Carbon Accounting capabilities like EPA, ISO 14001, WRI compliant reporting and accounting, Carbeion's enables sustainability focussed companies to dig deeper and optimize their operations with  Business Intelligence  & Corporate Performance Management capability. Carbeion supports Scope 1, Scope 2 & Scope 3 emission inventory and enables multi-protocol  accounting in a multi country, complex organization structure including subsidiaries, joint ventures and suppliers.


Latest Headlines




Large manufacturer with  a network of  nation-wide factories  chooses Carbeion to track Green Metrics like  Carbon per dollar of revenue, water & energy per square feet. Carbeion is also being used to track  fuel usage in a large fleet of trucks.

Customer Win  Carbeion signs up a multi billion dollar transportation and logistics company. Carbeion is being used to set a 3 % reduction goal per driver for fuel & carbon performance. Our CPM engine sends alerts on performance & deviations via email.

Collaberation Carbeion is working with a major university in Texas in tracking carbon emissions on campus.


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