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Dec 1, 2009 : Carbeion News Update - Carbeion releases its latest version of Carbon Management Software & Sustainability Services

Carbeion have achieved a major milestone today in releasing Carbeion's latest version of Enterprise & Facility Carbon Intelligence software. This release enhances our offering to cover -

• Cost View. All sustainability metrics (Co2e, Energy, Water etc) viewed in the context of cost of fuel & energy and cost of offsets
• Module to track & model Assets (Offsets) & Liabilities ( Emissions)
• Supply Chain Emissions module : Enables your suppliers to login via the web and report into Carbeion, environmental metrics like Co2e and verification data like their   fuel & electricity consumption allocated to you.
• Freight Module : Ability to track Carbon emissions associated with third-party transportation
• Materials Module : Ability to track Carbon emissions associated with your BOM - Bill of Material and other material procurement
• Carbon Intensity Module : Track and Analyze Co2e, Energy & Fuel usage in the context of Operational & Business Metric like  Revenue, Production, Customers served, Miles, Number of Employees
• Enhanced Sox & Nox reporting apart from the standard Co2e reporting and analysis
• Enhanced Refrigerant tracking and associated emission reporting
• Ranking : Continually Rank your Facilities, Assets, Fleet, Business Units, Departments, Product Lines on their Co2e, energy and fuel performance

With this release we continue our mission  to enable businesses  become sustainable, decrease waste, increase profits and minimize their impact on the environment. Carbeion's latest release will enable companies

• Reduce its carbon footprint
• Lower costs by identifying opportunities eliminate energy waste
• Become green and grow in a sustainable manner
• Help your suppliers and vendors track and reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint thereby reducing your input costs and indirect carbon emissions
• Transparently report consumption data and carbon footprint to various stakeholders including, management, customers & Environmental Protection Agency, etc.
• Improve the public image of your company by being environmentally friendly
• Enable your CFO to understand & manage future emission liabilities & risks associated with regulatory changes like cap & trade as well as increased cost of energy

New regulations requiring facilities with 25,000 MT or more of Co2e to report emissions to the EPA in 2010, would require the usage of a software like Carbeion which is one of the very few software in its class that can enable facility level Carbon management & reporting in a multi-facility, multi-asset, multi-country, multi-protocol and multi-fuel operation.

Aug 1, 2009 : Carbeion releases a SAAS offering.

Carbeion today annouced  the release of  its Enterprise Carbon intelligence solution with a   Software as a Service (SaaS)  offering. This enables  a low-risk and scalable alternative to an expensive, capital intensive, integrated hardware and software enterprise carbon accounting & GHG management solution.

A hosted, annual subscription-based service, the Carbeion solution limits cost of ownership to customers. Carbeion's CEO Thomas John said " We think Carbeion's SAAS offering would provide a tremendous opportunity for companies wanting to quickly address growing concerns among its stakeholders about potential Carbon related liabilities arising from regulations as well as customer trends".  

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